Master Shi Yanqing

Master Shi Yanqing

OC Shaolin Kung Fu offers training in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, one of the oldest and most famous styles of martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu embraces defensive and offensive combat skills, while embodying the Chan (Zen) and Wu (Kung Fu) of the Shaolin temple.

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Our School

Orange County Shaolin Kung Fu was founded in 2014 by Master Shi Yan Qing, a 34th generation Shaolin monk, under the authorization of the venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin, the current leader of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan, China. Our mission is to share the Shaolin cultural heritage and our unique style of kung fu, and through that knowledge encourage our students to achieve self-betterment, self-discovery, and self-discipline.

We offer group classes for children and adults in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, self-defense, sparring, weapons, and offer the opportunity to join our performance team. We also offer private lessons.



Master Shi Yanqing was born in Handan, China. He began practicing Chinese martial arts in the Shaolin Temple at the age of nine. He was elected to the Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps, in which he became a devout disciple to a Shaolin monk. Under the mentoring of Abbot Shi Yongxing, he learned traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Chan Wu culture, and the practice of Yi (medicine).

Shi Yanqing won multiple Boxing Champion titles in the national Shaolin boxing contest. In 1999, he was selected to carry out cultural exchanges amongst the world. In 2003, as one of the Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps members, he visited Korea and the Philippines and various other countries, and won first place at the Korean International Kung Fu Tournament. He also toured with Abbot Shi Yongxing to Australia, the United States, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and many other countries for cultural exchanges.

He was appointed by Abbot Shi Yongxing to come to the United States to promote Shaolin Chan Wu culture. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge to help others gain strength and balance.



Kids will learn basic Shaolin kung fu skills and forms. Kids will become more disciplined and confident by fostering martial art virtues, gaining both perseverance and independence. Kids will also learn Chinese culture and language while in class.


This class is designed for 3-5 yrs old kids, kids will learn kung fu basic skills and have fun. Kids will build confidence;they will be bright and be disciplined.


Adults will learn Shaolin kung fu skills and forms. They will also learn the kung fu application from forms. Students will learn punches, kicks, wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, kick catches, elbow and knee strikes that are used in full contact kickboxing.The class not only will enhance your overall health and longevity by keeping your body in shape, also make your self-defense skills practical.


As you progress in your Kung Fu training, you will be introduced to a variety of traditional weapons. Some traditional Shaolin weapons include staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear, Pu Dao, double hook swords, tri-sectional staff, crescent moon spade, chain whip, double crescent halberd, and kwan dao. You will have opportunity to learn weapons with your family and your friends.


This women's class not only will enhance your overall health and longevity by keeping your body in shape, also make your self-defense skills practical.


This class combines Shaolin Kung Fu techniques with kicking and punching, it will build confidence, improve coordination and flexibility, it will burn calories with a strong workout. In this class, your elevated heart rate moves into a zone in which cardiovascular conditioning takes place, so this has a positive impact on your heart.


This class brings the yin and yang of a person back into natural harmony. We teach Yang Tai Chi Style to improve your health. Yang Style Tai Chi has broad, open, soft and flowing movements. We will teach Yang Tai Chi fist forms and Yang Tai Chi Sword forms. You will enjoy learning beautiful Tai Chi movements while you throw your mind into a soft and smooth state.


This class teaches you controlled breathing, stretching of the torso and limbs in order to strengthen tendons and ligaments throughout the body, compare to YOGA, master Yanqing brought ancient Shaolin YIJINGJIN & XISUIJING into QI GONG, you will learn “STAND” BADUANJING, “SIT”BADUANJING, “SHIERDUANJIN” and others, those are only small portion of XISUIJING. It’s higher level of YOGA – SHAOLIN YOGA. It will improve one’s general well-being and help balance one’s emotion. It will develop your inner peace and wisdom to enjoy daily life.


This class will teach you how to relax your mind, how to sharpen your concentration, and gradually feeling more energized and refreshed. Meditation will help you to overcome negative minds, and to cultivate positive minds. The benefits of meditation includereducing stress; overcoming anxiety and worry, meditation has a feeling of peaceful, it develops inner calm and clarity to solve problems, it develops courage to face a challenging life.


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 Master is authentic & full of wisdom. He’s an amazing Master & superb in all his skills. He an excellent teacher, he’s telepathic like, he can sense when you need help or what your need/ want. He does this effortlessly & spontaneously. He also makes students feel very comfortable and he makes it very easy to do demonstrations in front of others students during class. His classes are a joy & blessing. Kung Fu classes are tough but spectacular. It produces excellent endurance. It’s one of a kind experience. Absolutely love Master classes. We are so thankful for the opportunity for such a great teacher as Master.  

Thank you,
Debi S.


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Songshan Shaolin Temple, China

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Shaolin Kungfu was formed in the cultural environment of the Songshan Shaolin Buddhist Temple. It was historically formed faith-based to the Buddhist god. It fully embodies the wisdom of Chan Buddhism and the Wu (Kung Fu) practiced by the Shaolin monks. Shaolin Kung Fu embraces both the defensive and offensive skills of combat simultaneously though variations of routines. "Every block a strike and every strike a block". Routines can be combined allowing for a great amount of fluid combat variations. The routines were developed upon the ancient Chinese medical knowledge on the human body in the lines of human motion. It combines static and dynamic human movements which are stressed through routines. It provides a yin and yang balance, hardness and softness both physically and spiritually. "The chi follows the mind in harmony with the breath". Shaolin Kung Fu is in a way, a distillation of continuous refinement, innovation and development. It forms the most natural structure in line with the movement of the body for optimal combat performance.

Shaolin Kung Fu is composed of the manifestations of the traditional cultural system which has a complete set technical and theoretical qualities. The qualities include: the martial art skills, the routines, the wisdom of Chan Buddhism and its culture. Shaolin Kung Fu contains a very diversified technical system which differs greatly from the traditional "boxing" methods. According to historical records, Shaolin Kung Fu has the highest level of technical systems in the martial arts genre. The system has been passed down for generations through the ancient Kung Fu routines which total up to several hundred different sets. It also practices another 70 different skills such as: grappling, fighting, unloading bone, acupuncture, qigong and other categories of unique exercises. The skills are taught in accordance to the degree of difficulty in which students will learn as their experience increases.

Shaolin Kung Fu is manifested deep within the cultural connotations of the Chan wisdom. It embraces the Buddhist beliefs, including the belief in the strength and wisdom of faith. It relies in believing in the wisdom of the ancient Shaolin Kung Fu master Bodhidharma, who is the father of Chan Buddhism. Shaolin Kung Fu is the soul of Chan Buddhism. It is considered to be the original form of meditation introduced by the 6th century Indian monk Bodhidharma. It relies mainly on the Buddhist goal which is the extraordinarily divine desire to pursue wisdom. It is within these roots which sets Shaolin Kung Fu greatly apart from other martial arts. Chan, condensed by the Chinese ancient monks and outstanding literati elite group, is composed of the mysteries of the universe, the essence of life experiences and insights. As time progressed the quality of the content of the faith of Shaolin Kung Fu began to evolve into what is known, "Chan(meditation) Wu(Kung Fu)" in one system. Chan Wu became the mainstream way of thinking of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin monks attributed the arts of Kung Fu as a daily practice in order to express their Chan Buddhism beliefs. Its practices provided a thorough way of life and empowered individuals with tremendous courage and wisdom. Chan Buddhism also contains similar beliefs as to those of Christians. The five basic precepts of Buddhism included: no killing, stealing, prostitution, drinking, and lying. The five basic precepts are the foundation of the environment found within the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Kung Fu practiced being: dapper, modest, restrained, subtle and to be composed of exquisite interior strength both mentally and physically.

In everyday situations, people find their minds filled with confusion, worries, and afflictions. A disturbed, confused mind is not tranquil and pure as the mindset of Chan. Chan refers to a state of mind that is absorbed in meditation; it is about seeing the true nature of one’s own mind in being the master of all life's conditions.

Zen (meditation) is the guide of life. People are busy and tightly bound both physically and psychologically to various issues and commitments which results in limiting a person's ability to take control of their life. It is in meditation that a person's mind and body can relax and truly find themselves. Meditation allows a person to cleanse their mind of troubles and arrange what they want to do in life. It gives people the opportunity to analyze their past, present, and future. It allows people to visualize future endeavors and approach situations more appropriately. Meditating enhances a person's daily performance by reducing stress and anxiety allowing for a healthy lifestyle.

Shaolin Temple was built in 495 AD by Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty for the Indian monk Batuo. 32 years later, another Indian monk named Bodhidharma arrived at the Shaolin temple. He was the first monk to preach the Chan doctrines and thus was honored as the first Patriarch of Chinese Chan. Thereafter, the Shaolin Temple was recognized as the origin of Chan Buddhism.

Throughout its history, martial arts developed within the walls of the Shaolin Temple. Legend has it that Bodhidharma considered the monks weak and unhealthy after long periods of time in their meditation practices. As a result he developed martial arts to strengthen them, which formed the basis of Shaolin Kung Fu. The unique aspect of the Shaolin culture is the combination of Shaolin Kung Fu and Chan Buddhism.

Situated at the Song Mountain which is also known as the "Central Sacred Mountain", the temple was frequented by generals and emperors. Until its modern renaissance, the golden age of the monastery has been said to be during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). At the beginning of the seventh century, a tiny army of 13 Shaolin monks were reputed to have saved the future Tang Dynasty emperor, Li Shimin. When he took power, Li showered favors, land and wealth on the temple thus, enabling it to thrive as a Kung Fu center with masters from around the country.

The Shaolin Temple peaked in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and began to decline in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). In its heyday, it housed more than 3,000 monks. The long history includes destructions and reconstructions, with the most devastating one in 1928 by warlord Shi Yousan, when a blaze raged for more than 40 days destroyed nearly all the temple’s classics and records. Upon successive renovation, most architectures of the Shaolin Temple have been restored or are currently under reconstruction.

The Shaolin Temple is under the leadership of venerable Abbot Shi Yongxing in Songshan, China. The Abbot was born in 1965 in An Hui, and raised in a Buddhist family. As a child, he was intelligent, enjoyed the peace of nature and fell in love with Buddhism. Later on, he became the 30th generation Abbot of the Song Shan Shaolin Temple, China.

In 1988 the Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps was founded, which promoted the traditional Shaolin culture. In 1993, Shaolin Charity Foundation was established with a mission to relieve people from poverty. In 1995, Shaolin Publishing House was established, which published the quarterly journal known as the, "Chan Dew", with the purpose of promoting the Chan(meditation) Wu(Kung Fu) culture.

In 1991, Master Shi Yongxing was appointed as a new Abbot and the Director of Shaolin Temple Management Committee. The new Abbot undertook a complete renovation project of the Shaolin Temple. He revived the Chan section allowing the Shaolin Temple to resume its original Buddhist atmosphere. Abbot Yongxing is also the President of the Henan Province Buddhist Association, and the Representative of the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Annual National People’s Congress of China.

In 2002, the Abbot organized and initiated the registration of Shaolin Kung Fu to protect the Shaolin Kung Fu culture's 1500 years of history. In 2003, the Shaolin Orphanage was opened to support the “Thousand Orphan & Light Opening” project. Within the same year the Abbot led a delegate to attend the “Songshan Shaolin Temple Day” ceremony established in San Francisco. The ceremony provided a great opportunity to promote cultural exchange between the two countries and was honored by the California State Assembly.

You can come to your first class wearing any athletic attire that allows for full range of motion. We have school T-Shirts and kung fu pants available for purchase.


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